What’s the Etiquette for Modern Jive Dancing?

Looking for a group activity that is enjoyable, builds your confidence, and that will help you improve your dance skills? Check out Modern Jive.

You don’t need to bring a partner to go to classes or occasions. You can master extremely cool dance moves in a short time. Modern jive attracts attention at weddings and at almost every occasion, and you can dance to any beat in 4/4.

The most important thing is that modern jive dancing is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and, the smart guys know it’s a fantastic way to meet women in a relaxed environment with a common interest.

Modern jive is partner dancing like most things, knowing the dance rules will help you make the most of your dance experience. Keep these top tips in mind and, whether you are a girl or male, you’ll have people who want for a dance.

1. Invite someone else to dance

There’s no standing on ceremony in modern jive. If you’re interested in a dance then make a request for one. This includes women! You don’t have to wait around to be asked by men, you can make them aware too.

If you are new and nervous or very shy, there is nothing more beneficial for your dancing, your general confidence and sense of achievement than inviting others to dance with you. So simply make eye contact with your partner, raise your hand and ask “Would you care to dance?” Guys love to be asked to dance. If they’re not having a break after an earlier dance, they’ll generally answer yes.

Guys, unlike the clubs where the chances of being turned down when you request for a dance are fairly large, at a modern jive evening or event it’s rare for that to happen. As long as you’re polite and respectful you’re likely to get that you’ll get a “yes, I’d love to dance ” when you’re asked So don’t be shy to and ask for it even if new to the dance.

2. Say yes when you’re asked for a dance

It’s generally assumed that when you go to modern jive, that you need to come out to dance. It’s a short time to get to know people so when asked to dance, whether you’re a beginner or pro the standard is to take it. However, if sleeping or you have a valid reason to decline a dance it’s perfectly okay to decline or suggest the next dance.

Tips: Refusing to dance because someone isn’t the best dancer in the room isn’t really a good reason to decline a dance. In fact, if only you dance with the cool or great dancers people may think that you’re a dance snob – and this may actually reduce how often you can dance. Even the great dancers need to get some rest.

3. Smile, make eye contact, and look at the camera.

Some people need the time to become comfortable in eye contact. In reality, dancing is talking, so it is important to pay attention to your partner (not into the distance or to whatever else is taking place on the dancefloor).

Do not stare at your partner (it could feel aggressive) try looking at the area between their eyes or the lower lobe of their ear or their shoulder from time to time. In addition, smiling shows your partner that you’re enjoying dancing with them.

4. Make sure you are focused on your partner while dancing together

You can leave thoughts about job, or what’s planned for dinner , or even what might be dancing later. Your partner will be irritated if your mind is elsewhere take your thoughts on the dance floor and focus on making the dance enjoyable for you and your partner. Dancing can be a fun method of letting go of your worries and worries, even if just for a few hours. It’s not enjoyable dancing with someone who’s distant. Besides, if you’re not paying attention, you could miss importance cues. Make sure you look at your companion smile, make eye contact, and listen to the music and dancing.

5. Be sure to encourage and respect your partner

The art of dancing is a risky step toward the future of many of us. It is possible that you will be the next big social celebrity. Anyone who is interested in modern jive wants to develop a new skill and have fun. If you’re helping someone advance make sure you encourage them more than criticising them. When they do things well, or perhaps give them an idea or two. It will boost your confidence. If you’re facing real criticism, always talk to a teacher and ask them how to help improve in certain areas.

6. Ahh… I wonder what’s that smell of food you’re wearing?

“You smell of garlic and bacon” isn’t the kind of thing you’d like for your dance companion to say and breathing in noxious fumes around the two will not bring you to the attention of dancers. Avoid eating spicy food prior to dancing and make sure you carry mints in your mouth to ensure you have fresh pleasant breath. Shower before you head out to class – it takes just a bit of effort to bring back memories of the long day you’ve had at work – and always carry a deodorant in case of emergency.

7. Men lead

In partner dancing men generally play the lead. If mistakes are made, it’s almost always down to the men. So ladies, just be free to relax into the dancing and avoid trying to guide the dancing. Keep an eye out for cues, have fun, and let him look nice!

8. Get rid of all weapons that could be deadly

Ladies Rings, long hair and sharp nails can become quite deadly when you’re dancing modern jive . So guys will be very grateful if you help them by knotting back your hair and removing rings (particularly ones with big stones) and hanging earrings, and keep your nails short. Men – keep those mobile phones off belts and holsterssince they could interfere with your moves.

9. Smile and enjoy yourself!

You might be nervous, shy or scared to get out on the dance floor – just go for it and have fun. Every dancer started out as a beginner once. It is common to find a modern Jive party that is friendly and welcoming which is why joining in and having a dance is the best way to improve at it.

Contemporary Jive is a fantastic method to boost your confidence. The more you dance, the more people will want to dance with you.

Don’t be shocked if your social diary and dance card are full in a matter of months.

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