Crypto-Criminology – The Gothic Nature of Crime

Crypto-criminology is the term used to describe criminals who are on the darker, better, and dangers of human nature. Humanistic tendencies that crosses the line of civility and violence. It is a field of “practical criminology” which is applicable in the actual world where human behavior defies profiling or prediction, and is not defined with precision. The investigation reaches the depths of human depravity as it descends into dark, dank mazes of mental chaos. The modern scientific method lacks a reliable, practical and efficient method of describing all the possibilities. Naturally, mythology or magic have always been a part of the realm of debate. In one sense it’s about the investigation of human evil and all its manifestations. Also, in a different way it seeks to dig into the mystery of how people commit crimes. It is a study of crimes to understand the mysterious terrain of human deviance , which is the cause of criminality. The quest for modern explanations will include a discussion of the influence that comes from “gothic symbolic language” in movies, literature and other mass media. For this reason, “crypto” refers to the hidden, the mysterious and the unspoken. Similar to “gothic” the reference is made to the primitive and primeval notions of human nature. A world of screaming psychic werewolves, nightmares of demons and death. This subterranean worldview is full of terrifying implications, vampiric violence, as well as cunning cruelty. Visit:-

Similar to other aspects of study, is”cryptozoology. This is usually a reference to the research of unknown or missing “animal” life forms. From this perspective, we could extrapolate that “crypto” is a reference to the hidden, secret and obscure nature of living organisms. In addition, there are also elements of learning, studying, and understanding unanswerable phenomena. This is a concept that is relevant to the area of the field of criminology. To this day, we have many so called schools of thoughts. The majority of them fall short of providing a satisfactory explanation. The result is a misguidance of social policy, confusion among the public and failed application in the criminal justice system. The truth is mixed with the fiction and modern society teeters on the flimsy pursuit of illusion and fabrication.

Since truth gets entangled in untruth, metaphors assert their existence to stumbling over straightforward explanations. The more we categorize the people we define, describe and characterize the more we discover difficult to comprehend the commissions of crime. The pursuit of humanity’s inexplicable behavior follows the mystifying pathways of baffling occurrences, bizarre incidents and bizarre acts of debauchery. “Crypto” pursues the mind of the macabre, particularly in relation to the primordial nature as well as event selectivity and criminal causality. People make conscious choices to commit crimes. Even the most inhumane acts of violence are planned and executed by a singularity of logic and rationality. But, we remain in shock, awe, and fear when such events happen. Perhaps this is because we feel our self-image in the destructive, violent and abrasive nature of the. In this regard it is described as an approach to mental health that allows you to undertake a course of study in criminal behaviour. It is, in turn the behavior can cause the death, injury and trauma of others. Through a deeper investigation into the bizarre complicated, perplexing and enigmatic nature of criminology, it is possible to discover the intriguing connection to gothic notions of fable, legend , and allegory. Let us say, the secretive, dark , and dark mental processes that govern human behavior is elusive to diverse fields of “pseudo sciences”.

Particularly, what is the essence of evil eludes the accuracy of a definitive understanding or specificity of prediction. It remains dark and buried in the fantasy of myth magical and daydreams. Thus, in the world of actual criminological questions We look for alternative solutions in a variety of dimensions. Avenues of the hunt bring to attention to capers who are premeditated and on the borders of the exotic, the supernatural and gothic. Or, preferably the ever-expanding realm of “crypto-criminology”. These brain processes are involved in the never-ending battle of balancing the fight against evil and good. Metaphor, myth, and myth are reflected in the floating illusions of psychic ablunders. As we think, so do we act. To be, think, and act is a human trait. When we imagine we also want to touch, feel and feel the manifestations of our creativity. Move it from one place to another. Get it out of your psyche into the real world.

Looking in the mirror the reflection of our faces is of the image evil looks like. Criminals are us and that’s us. The only differenceis that some can control their behaviour, whereas others are unable to. We’re the lone gunman on the grassy hill. And, we’re also werewolf hunters, with the silver bullets that are slyly looking for our own illusions. In our case, ghosts, ghosts and specters congregate in the caverns that are hidden from the brain’s special mirror, the mind. The images of imagination come to fulfillment in desires, urges and motives. The dark thoughts are hungry for the lure of life as well as the opposition of death. The investigation of criminals, crime and criminalistics, must never stop exploring the infinite thoughts of the human mind. Crypto-criminology asserts a developing foundation of inquiry into the deep thoughts of the mind. In this perpetual research, our sleights of hand strategies become one of answering which is the last question. Is it a who has done it? Or is it a motive behind it? done it? If yes is the case, then why?

For an investigational question of a fundamental nature, we flip the pages of the basic continuum to determine who, what, why and when, where and how? Inquiring minds, open-minded, multidisciplinary and logical, we need to consider the mischief afoot by following rigorous investigative efforts in the form of insights, intuition and insight. The enigmatic investigation focuses on the strangeness and stifling nature of humans. If, as some suggest that we are “mind hunters”. It’s an illusion the brain conjures. So, aren’t we seeking something that doesn’t exist? The abyss of human thinking in the caverns that are the brain’s functions? From religion to science, and everything in between, humans baffle ourselves. Unanswered questions remain as we seek a deeper understanding of the human personality behavior, motives, and preferences. By dreams and fantasies we create our personal environment, which evolves at a constant rate. The process of identifying deviant behavior is the result of speculation and guess work. A lot of times, we cannot even begin to understand. The vast reaches of the mystery baffle the scientist, the priest, the press and politicians. When it is placed in metaphysical metaphysics, the philosophical realms, such as religion, the realm of ideology is wide and open for speculation. The dreamscape of the dominion of human darkness beckons visions of werewolves, vampires and demons. These supernatural entities emit a certain kind of special attraction in our wild and mysterious mental wanderings. The human puzzle is comprised of many pieces. Combining them creates an endless flow of time that never stops. In a world of evil it is all feasible. Even the most surprising form of goodness.

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