Hybrid Car Sales – Observing The Trends

In the first quarter of 2007 statistics from Forbes reveal that within the US alone, hybrids made a combined sale of nearly 17,000 units. That’s an astounding increase of 10% from the same period in the year 2006. The demand for hybrids is growing, and this demand is translating into actual sales. The sales of hybrid vehicles compared to the total amount of light-duty vehicles sold increased by as much as 1.4 percent compared to prior year levels. This only means more and more people are opting for hybrids instead of traditional-fuel vehicles.

Why the Rush to the Hybrid Section?

As fuel prices soar rising, more and more car buyers are drawn to opt to hybrid vehicles. Since 2003, hybrid car manufacturers are making a lot of money from sales of hybrid vehicles. In 2004, in the US alone, hybrid car sales were nearly 88,000 units. And with the increasing awareness of the effects of climate change on global warming the sales of hybrid cars are expected to rise.

With high hopes for hybrid vehicle sales to hit record highs for 2007, automobile makers are scrambling to launch into on the marketplace new designs, packed with all the energy efficiency and environmental protection features Used van sales they can come up with, not to mention technological advancements. New models are also widening the range of options which range from compact to mid-sized sedans to minivans and SUVs, all the way to trucks and pickups.

Buyers of cars can afford to be selective with the variety of hybrid vehicles available in the market today. Additionally, the efficiency of fuel and environmental sustainability features of these hybrids are increasing in popularity, attracting an entirely new type of socially conscious and responsible breed of consumers.

The prices are affordable enough to ensure a long-term purchase. Moreover, tax incentives and breaks are given to buyers of these eco-friendly hybrid vehicles. If you do the math and calculating, the hybrid purchaser is aware that he can easily get the few thousand dollars difference of a hybrid model than a traditional onethrough a reduction in use of fuel.

Safety And Efficiency

They are safe for the buyer and his family, too. Along with fuel efficiency, the hybrid’s safety features have been attracting more buyers. Open the windows and the low emissions of your hybrid ensure that your children breathe fresher and cleaner air both inside and outside of the van that is a hybrid. Navigation and stability systems for hybrids are also a more advanced, increasing the safety factor more. A hybrid car buyer is assured of efficiency not only fuel-wise, but overall car performance-wise.

As buyers become more fuel-price cognizant and more conscious about climate change and the consequences of greenhouse gases as they realize the importance of safety, and they begin to look forward to the comfort and pleasure of riding safe and eco-friendly automobiles, hybrid vehicle sales will continue to rise. Automobile manufacturers are taking advantage upon this growth and coming up with one innovative hybrid model after the other. Every car dealer will surely have a hybrid in his inventory.


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